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MOFO the Movement


Having worked in nonprofits & charities for years before joining the insurance space, I know they are not all created equally. They are not all equally transparent or effective in their stewardship of donor dollars. After hearing about them from colleagues, I did my research. With my past experiences, I knew where to look! RIP Medical Debt is a legitimate, remarkable organization that exemplifies the responsibility they hold as an IRS designated 501©3 in all the ways a charitable organization should, all while staying true to their founding vision. Since their formation, they have relieved more than $8.5Billion in medical debt for over 5 million people!


The real hope is that by educating and teaching the most effective ways to navigate American healthcare, we can make a dent in preventing medical debt. RIP Medical Debt is our counterpart on the other side of the experience. Call it naïve, but I believe that together we can change the industry by tackling it from all sides, together.

For these reasons, a portion of all MOFO sales will be going to RIP Medical Debt and we hope you will join us in the mission to make an impact!

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